PHO Photochromic Glasses

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Non power version of the PHO Glasses (not bi focal)


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All year-round riding glasses?

Lighting conditions when out riding can change quite rapidly.

Sometimes it’s bright Sunlight when you set out, and then a ½ an hour later, dark clouds appear, and so fixed lenses can become a problem to use.

At other times, you might find yourself riding at unplanned times and can find yourself riding totally in the dark.

Can you have 1 pair of RIDING glasses that can be used pretty much whatever the lighting conditions are…?

YES… you can…

BZ optics glasses with a photochromic feature means you can have 1 set of hassle free RIDING glasses…. whatever the lighting conditions.

Photochromic Glasses

Featuring high impact UV activated photochromic lenses which transition from clear (Cat 0) in low or no light to dark (Cat 2) in full sun.

The TR90 super lightweight hybrid frame has dual moulded non slip flexible temples ideal for wearing under open or full face helmets. The adjustable non slip nose piece ensures optimum fit and comfort for all face shapes.


  • Lightweight flexible frame with dual moulded non slip temples.
  • Adjustable non slip nose piece for comfort and fit making them ideal for a wide range of face shapes and sizes.
  • Small clips which make changing lenses effortless.

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